We were fortunate enough to meet Patrick in 2016 when we were seeking a counselor to assist us with our son with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Patrick was quick to identify the “method to our sons madness” and equip us with tools to better manage his behavior. We have always found Patrick to be honest, reliable and available.

A few months later when our adopted daughter began to exhibit some difficulties we contacted Patrick. He has spent countless hours navigating us through the process of a psychiatric hospitalization. He is knowledgeable about several insurance companies and how the daunting task works to get needed services. There is no way we could have navigated this without him. Patrick has shared with us his desire to bring about long term, lasting change for Georgia’s children’s mental health needs.

Until you are dealing with a child needling help you have no idea how broken the mental health system is. We are so very blessed to know Patrick and to be able to learn from his wealth of knowledge.