Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale discounts will be based on your net income, household size and other circumstances based on my discretion. Finances and affording services aren’t simply a matter of numbers. I do my best to accommodate those circumstances however I can’t guarantee all needs will be met but I do guarantee making an effort to meet you were I can.

The table below is an example of how the sliding scale fee works here at Match Point Counseling. Remember, the Sliding Fee Scale does not and cannot apply to services billed to insurance. Manipulation of deductibles, copays, and other insurance related fees aren’t allowed.


Discount %


50,000 or More 0% $90
46,000-49,999 10% $81
42,000- 45,999 20% $72
39,000-41,999 30% $63
35,000- 38,999 40% $54
32,000-34,999 50% $45
Below 32,000 60% $36