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Every $30 of revenue from this blog, the Youtube Channel, Future Podcast, Patreon Page, and the Learning courses funds 1 hour of Mental Health Services or support I can provide a family or person in need. Your business and contributions will have an immediate and powerful impact on someone’s life.

The Learning Courses

These courses are my prize possessions, my crown jewels, and a great resources for people who don’t have access to therapy. I’m old school when it comes to therapy and frankly I think everyone needs to spend some time in there. I respect the process and I want to be clear that these courses are not a substitute for therapy or having a professional work with you. I created these courses so that people who only had 5 dollars on in their account could at least get over an hour of me reviewing mental health related topics, some great resources to print, and a website full of other free information. A little information can go a long way in helping people make major changes in their day to day lives.

The courses vary by subject, however the majority of them focus on parenting and stabilizing children and/or adolescents with mental health needs. I had Foster and Adoptive parents in mind when I created these because of their general lack of resources, especially with these RAD babies running around.

Trust me, adulthood is full of its own mental health land minds and I’m making courses for those as well. Dating, emotional intelligence, adult attachment issues, LGBTQ related mental health needs, dealing with toxic family or a toxic work environment etc. Even as adults, our resources may still be limited.

There are 3 price points for most of the courses to offer people the flexibility to pay and get more out of the course or save money by getting what they need. The Basic Access option gets access for 30 days while the Lifetime Access optionĀ  gives you unlimited access to all updates and additions to the course. The Consulting options comes with all the previous perks, plus two 30-minute consultations with me!

You click on the courses below and head right over the Website to get started

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