MPC Academy

MPC Academy

These courses are the product of my experience and training packaged up to be a great resources for people who don’t have access to Traditional Therapy. I respect the process and I want to be clear that these courses are not a substitute for therapy or having a professional work with you. I’m old school when it comes to therapy and frankly everyone needs to spend some time in there. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for everyone.

Affordable and Accessibly

I created these courses for people who can only spare about $5 for mental health support. But that $5 comes with over an hour of me reviewing mental health related topics, printable guides, and a website full of other additional information. A little information can go a long way in helping people make major changes in their day to day lives.

Supporting our Foster Care System

I made these courses with Foster and Adoptive Parents in mind due to their general lack of Resources and Effective Training. All courses are both Trauma and Attachment Informed and focus on Parenting Emotionally Complex and Wounded Children with Mental Health needs.

Adult Support

Adults need Mental Health education and support as well. Dating, Emotional Intelligence, Adult Attachment issues, LGBTQ related mental health needs, and managing Toxic Work Places are just a few topics upcoming course topics. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and find out when they are available.

Course Pricing

Please see the different course options and what they include below! Click here if for more information on how each option to decide which one works for you.


MPC Academy Subscription

The MPC Site Wide Subscription comes with access to All Courses including the MPC Academy Discussion Boards, Video Lectures and Worksheets associated with those courses.

MPC Subscriptions are just $7/Month. It’s a pretty nifty deal and it’s for a good cause. Subscription Users will also get early access to exclusive perks, discounts, and rewards over time.

When you help yourself, you also help another person or family in need.

Every $30 of revenue made from these Learning Courses funds 1 hour of Mental Health Services or support I for another Person or Family.