Insurance Accepted

Continuing the goal to remain as paperless as possible and offer multiple ways for clients to submit payments, MPC has enlisted an assortment of Paypal services. Clients can take advantage of card swipe, online payments, invoicing, Paypal credit, and even custom installment plans. Forms of payment that are accepted are Cash, all major credit cards, Debit, Paypal, Check and Money Order. Feel free to choose what option works best for you.

Payment flexibility is limited to timely submission of payments and is at the final discretion of the owner.

Payment options should be discussed during intake where you can then pick what works best for you

Insurance Participation

In Network

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Out of Network




Blue Cross Blue Shield


Others, depending on your coverage


 Blue Cross Blue Shield


Sliding Fee Schedule/Payment Arrangements:
Sliding Fee will be based on your net income, household size and other circumstances based on my discretion. It’s not simply a matter of numbers.

Private Pay Fees



Therapy Session


Intake Assessment


Specialized Assessment


Clinical Consulting


Crisis Intervention

$25/15 Minute


Sliding Fee Scale


Discount %


50,000 or More 0% $90
46,000-49,999 10% $81
42,000- 45,999 20% $72
39,000-41,999 30% $63
35,000- 38,999 40% $54
32,000-34,999 50% $45
Below 32,000 60% $36

The table below is an example of how the sliding scale fee works here at Match Point Counseling. Remember, the Sliding Fee Scale does not and cannot apply to services billed to insurance. Manipulation of deductibles, copays, and other insurance related fees aren’t allowed.