Frequently Asked Questions

General MPC Questions

How to contact me?

Email is my preferred means of communication due to the fact I am in and out of meetings and sessions throughout the day. Please feel free to call and leave and voicemail if I don’t answer. I’ll do my best to return your call that day or a the latest, the following day. Click Here to go directly to my contact info and referral form.

Scheduling Sessions

Appointments can be scheduled by contact me via Phone or Email. You can also complete the inquiry form on the Contact Me page by Clicking Here. If you would like a complete walk through of how to schedule your Intake Assessment and First Appointment, just Click Here.

Are there evening and weekend sessions available?

Of course! I work most evenings and Saturday to try and accommodate school and work schedules. My last sessions slot available is 7pm. However, since I stay at the office so late into the evening, I generally don’t start my day before noon. Saturdays on the other hand or more traditional, early in and early out.

Payments and Fee Questions

How does the payment process make

All client related fees can be paid via PayPal, check, or cash. All fees are due at the time of sessions. PayPal interrogation gives clients the options to pay via the website, electronic invoice, credit or debit in person, or I can process credit and debit card information remotely. All late fees and other payment related policies apply to all payment methods.

How do payment arrangements work

I really do make an effort to work with financial issues and barriers. Payment arrangements can be made for various situation. All payment arrangements are made on a client by client basis to help avoid an interruption in therapy. However, I want to stress how important communication is in creating any type of agreement. I would suggest a client communicating need for an arrangement and to participate in the creation of a plan to bring the account current. Any missed or late payments that have no payment agreement in place may result in additional fees.


In Home Counseling Versus In Office

I see the majority of my clients in the office. In home services are more so an accommodation for client’s who have some barrier to coming into the office or have treatment needs that are more appropriate for in home counseling. For example, family work with my RAD client’s would likely take place in the home due to how those sessions may progress. Keep in mind that logistics have to be considered and may be a limitation to what I can and cannot fit into my schedule. This is often discussed when the initial session is discussed.

Do I need to be in every session with my child?

During the intake, we will create a basic treatment plan that will detail how and what we do. This is updated as needed. No two treatment plans look exactly the same since they are based on a client’s specific needs but parents should assume that I will ask them to attend sessions regularly. The frequency will differ from client to client. A parent may attend family sessions with their child and without their child depending again on the treatment plan and what we come up with during the intake. However RAD treatment will look different than traditional family therapy.