First Appointment


How do I make my first appointment?

Contact me via Email or Phone to start start the process!

Submit your insurance information via email or over the phone so that I can verify your benefits prior to your intake.

If you’re planning to pay out of pocket, please review the sliding fee scale referenced on the website to get an initial understanding of what your fees will look like. You can read the policy and ID numbers off to me over the phone, type the numbers in an email, or take a picture with your cell phone and send the image. FYI, most of the insurance companies have electronic copies of your card you can download from the website.

MPC Electronic Consent Packet to download the PDF version of the Intake Packet or I can send it to you via email. Filling this out ahead of time gives us more time during the intake to discuss your treatment concerns. It’s absolutely fine if you rather go through the packet with me.

The packet can be signed and filled out electronically to save time and paper. I spent hours formatting that PDF to make it easy to deal with. I’ll email you the completed packet with both of our signatures after your intake.

Now you just need show up with your Intake Packet and a Photo ID. Feel free to bring in any records that you would like for me to review during the Intake or you can send it over before hand to my Email or Fax.

If your Intake Assessment is a step-down or part of your Aftercare after Discharge from a psychiatric setting (i.e brief stabilization, residential treatment, detox, PHP) I will need records from your previous care provider. But don’t stress, this won’t stop or delay you getting started at MPC.