Consulting Services

All consulting services are Billed per hour unless other payment arrangements have been discussed or arranged.

General Clinical Consulting

Clinical consulting can included court appearances or attending IEP, Placement services, Completing FMLA or Disability Paperwork, and General Case Management  that would require clinical input. This could include other uses identified during treatment. This is not a service billable via insurance. If you would like additional information on Placement Specialist services, just click here.

Placement Consulting

Fortunately most people will never need the assistance of a placement specialist in trying to locate residential treatment for their child. Most people are able to have any psychiatric or mental health needs they have met by outpatient services. Placement in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) is reserved for children and teens and who cannot be safely maintained in the community settings. We reserve these level of treatment for children who cannot participate in intensive treatment outside of a secured facility where they are monitored 24/7.

Georgia has 7 of these facilities. The majority of children who need PRTF will be able to have their clinical needs met at one at one of our very own GA PRTF facilities. However, there are a rare few who have severe presentations of a diagnosis or may require a specialized form of treatment that one of our GA facilities do not offer. In these very rare situations, out of state placement is the next option.

Navigating the application process, identifying facilities, and making sure your child gets the treatment they need and are entitled to is not something a parent should pursue on their own. Since this process is rarely needed or pursued, professionals and parents often have questions about how and what to do. The other major barrier parents and the professionals helping them may encounter is payment. Most parents do not have the ability to pay for this level of treatment out of pocket and require the assistance of insurance, this is where a placement specialist is going to really change the game for you. I’ve experienced first-hand out grueling this process can be. Your child is entitled to the treatment they need, when they needed. I encourage parents to at least schedule 1-2 consulting sessions with me to review the basics. Correct information and understanding of procedure can be the difference between a 3 month and 2 year process.

Benefits of a Placement Specialist

Assistance in identifying appropriate level of service.
Provide education regarding known resources and treatments available
Consistent clinical support and case management throughout the entire process
Support in navigating resistance to placement
Expedite the placement process
Direct Linkage to additional resources