Category: The Shade

 Phaedra and The Problematic Speedo

Some people believe in karma, I just believe in emotional physics. When you’re an asshole to people, you rob yourself of happiness

Supergirl, is the unlikely hero against Xenophobia

Superheroes are meant to represent the very best examples of us, yet we seem to have some resistance to demonstrating those behaviors. Something isn’t adding up

The Consequence of No Consequences

Ensuring that your child  faces Natural Consequences for their actions are, what I believe, essentially inoculating them to the truly terrible forms of Dumpster Fire Gremlin disease. There is no better way to learn that “it’s not all about you” than having the universe and the world show you throw cosmic bitch slaps of love.

The Angry Hippie in Tights

However, I do believe that the trouble we’re in today is a direct consequences of the white male ego going unchecked for so long and turning so many of them into self serving gremlins who have the frustration tolerance of a 3-year-old.