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The Characters We Play

There is no shortage of drama or bad emotional habits at Grey-Sloan Memorial, so why not turn it into a learning opportunity?? Yes, the Grey’s Anatomy Theme remains in full effect for the next explorations of Emotions and Emotional Intelligence. I mean, who else…

Boundaries 101

What are Boundaries? The Basics Boundaries are essentially our introduction to Social Norms and other the basic agreements that we as humans, in different cultures, have decided to abide by. Early experiences with boundaries shape how we deal with them as we develop. Helping…

Your Worst Enemy

It’s not about finding someone to blame, it’s about finding solutions.

Parenting RAD #4

Check out my course on Emotional Warfare and learn Parenting Jedi skills to make sure you aren’t playing the game and losing oh so badly!

It ain’t that deep

Disorganized Attachment, RAD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and other mental health dynamics that are deeply tied into someone’s personality and/or thinking can make any and all criticism feel like… Emotional Reasoning is a type of Thought Distortion people should avoid. If we all went around thinking what we…

Don’t Let Problematics Stress You Out

A smooth  Block and Delete might keep you out of jail or worse, your ex’s house.

Adulting 301-Bad Data

Bad Data, Bad Thinking, Bad Adulting

Adulting 301- The Block and Delete

There are things you should do and then there are things that Paul Ryan might give you a thumbs up for. The Block and Delete is a wonderful gift from technology that we have to be mindful of when using.