Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Graduating from a Counseling program that focused on Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) , I have specialized training and experience with Career Counseling and Vocational Assessments. Disabilities whether they are mental, physical or invisible can be major barriers to people trying to meet their educational or vocational goals.

The state providers Vocational Rehabilitation services. Obtaining Voc Rehab services from the state in many cases may be more effective than utilizing a private provider such as myself due to the state having access to resources, grants, and other forms of funding that I may not. Linking people to the most appropriate service provider or resource is my goal. Mental disabilities such as Intellectual Disabilities, Personality Disorder, Depression, Addiction, and Anxiety are areas I am more versed in regarding Voc Rehab services; however, I am happy to complete a consult with you and refer you to a provider that can meet your needs.

Vocational Assessments

If you have recently become disabled or have lived with a lifelong disability that has made achieving those goals difficult for you, a vocational assessment would be very beneficial for you. I also can assist with identifying accommodations that you may need to successfully perform your job and act as your advocate and liaison during this process with your employer or other stakeholder. Everyone deserves the chance to be gainfully employed.

Career Assessments

A Career Assessment would be better suited for someone who is struggling with finding the ideal career or what they enjoy. A Career Assessment combines the clinical process with exploring a client’s personality, skills, and attributes to identify careers that fits them. It’s a holistic approach to flushing out career confusions or identity issues.