Assessment Services

Diagnostic Assessment

Brief assessment and consult where I gather information, possible administer assessment tools, and interview a prospective client in order to assigned a diagnosis. Note Please indicate the purpose of the diagnostic assessment to ensure the documentation will meet the requirements you have.

Holistic Bio Psychosocial Assessment (BPS)

Comprehensive review of medical, social, and mental history in order to identity treatment needs, appropriate level of care, and treatment planning recommendations. The holistic approach places an emphasis on wellness and integrating treatment of the whole person versus aspects or specific areas.

Trauma Assessment

Comprehensive review of review of medical, social, and mental health history with an emphasis on assessing for trauma and PTSD related symptoms. This be completed with a trauma specific assessment tool as well to accompany the clinical interview and gathering of history.

Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA)

CCFAs are assessments that go much greater detail than a typical assessment since they will encompass all family members associated with the identified client.

These will often be requested by attorneys or other 3rd party members to obtain unbiased clinical information regarding family functioning, needs, and recommendations typically but not always related to custody battles, child placement recommendations or adoption.

Records will also be collected and included in the assessment such as education, medical, and mental health. The assessment will likely include the usage of sub assessment tools to gain a better assessment of clinical needs.

These assessments will include clinical interviews for numerous family members, supports, and other collaterals pertinent to the identified client. This assessment can also be used in the court of law in which I will appear as needed to review the findings and recommendations.