Addiction and Substance Abuse

My clinical development began in addictions, which I continue to work with today. I have worked with clients in the detox, early recovery, relapse prevention, and those maintaining their long-term sobriety. I also have a strong background in Psychopharmacology, which I use to help clients understand the biological aspects of addiction. I go into more detail in the blog regarding how until this day I’ve never met an addict who didn’t have some dark shadow, like trauma or attachment issues, that played a key part in the cycle of dependency. I’m a firm believer that a relapse prevention plan is only as strong as that person’s insight into their “junk.”

People often schedule assessments or consults to process their concerns regarding if they are an addict or what makes an addict an addict. Sessions can be centered around the Substance Abuse Education and prevention to help stop addictive behavior from building up momentum, to learn how to say sober right out of treatment, or simply to strengthen the Relapse Prevention by gaining more insight into their addiction better.

Treatment Approach

Addiction not only has the potential to destroy someone’s life, but also the lives of those around them. Luckily, resources, services, and treatments have been developed specifically to support the family members of addicts. The process of setting boundaries and supporting without enabling are not easy things to manage, but are very necessary. A unmanaged addiction often has negative effects on the spouse and often the emotional development of the children who are exposed to this chaos.