Pro Bono Adventures

What is MPC Community?


In the past year I’ve found myself doing more work as a consultant and advocate after seeing how often people aren’t receiving the services they should be receiving. I spend more time helping families find residential treatment for their kids, show up as an advocate at an IEP meeting, or going toe to toe with the insurance companies to make sure a kid gets their needs met; unfortunately, insurances most of the time doesn’t pay me for this.DSC_7111

I’ve accepted that I can’t make the impact I want just by being a great therapist. Unfortunately, good intentions and passion wont fund my “Pro Bono Adventures”, so I came up with the idea of building this online resource. Welcome to MPC Community!

How it all Works

MPC Community mission

MPC Community Resources

The Blog/(Podcast Coming soon)

Entertaining, Witty, and Educational Blog post filled with Mental Health Tips and Tricks to give you a good laugh and valuable tools. I cover everything from Setting Boundaries with your teen and their smartphone, why how racial quality is a huge Mental Health issue, and why Emotional Intelligence she be a class in High School. You can find the blog here on this site.

MPC Academy

Interactive learning courses created from scratch by me to give people affordable access to Mental Health related resources. The courses at $5 bucks. Some are more comprehensive while others are quick training or how to guides. Videos, quizzes, community discussion board, it’s all there! You can learn more by clicking on the MPC Academy tab or going Clicking Here to go directly to the site.

Patreon Site

The Patreon Site allows you to sign up to pledge a small monthly contribution in exchange for even more resources. Interactive presentations, Patreon exclusive Podcast, access to Webinars etc… The Patreon site is a great way to support my Pro Bono adventures even if you don’t feel like taking fancy courses.

I can’t share any of the very fancy, top secret, exclusive content here on this site, so if you’re interested just Click Here to browse the different options and see what exclusive content you would like access to.