Parenting RAD #4


RAD Parenting Skill #4

RAD babies love to “play the game.” The game has many forms, but often looks a lot like them pretending NOT to know things you are POSITIVE they know.

After 28 rounds of “I don’t know” with your favorite Raddish

I’ve also heard The Game described as “Chinese Water Torture.” A bit on the culturally insensitive side, but I see what they were getting at. The whole purpose of The Game is to knock parents off balance and push them into The Zone. RAD babies feel in control when their caregivers feel out of control.

It’s all about stealing power and seizing control via chaos!


Combating RAD

You literally stood there and watched them knock a bowl of cereal off of the table, but when you ask them what happened…

“I don’t know!”

I don't know, little girl, gif

The Game Strikes again. But don’t lose your focus and drop your poker face! You are bothered, calm, collected, and in a place of utter Zen and Tranquility

Check out my course on Emotional Warfare and learn Parenting Jedi skills to make sure you are playing the game on your terms and winning it.

This behavior can play on a loop. A horrible, frustrating, nerve racking loop that drives parents MAD. Lets have a moment of silence for all of the parents who lost The Game and couldn’t get to that bottle of wine in time.

Stay strong boo!

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Author: Patrick Henderson LPC

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