Adulting 301-Bad Data

People ask me why I am such a stickler for language and how things are phrased things. The entire meaning of a sentence, our interpretation of someone’s intentions, and how then decide to act can change dramatically based on wording along.

Us over in the Cognitive Psychology club place A LOT of emphasis on thoughts. When your thinking is jacked up, you can expect that fallout to affect your feelings and your behaviors.

This is why the data we receive from others as well as the data we give to others via language is so important.

There’s are reason why miscommunications are often the cause of so much drama. Just like those 1 million step algebra problems, if you make an error at step 4, every number from that point forward will be off until someone figures out things have taken a wrong turn.

Bad Data >>>>Bad Thinking>>>>> Bad Adulting

Be accurate intentional, and responsible in your language. If you’re giving people bad data or not giving them data at all, you’re setting that person and yourself up for conflict and misunderstanding.

Don’t be that person who blames everyone for misunderstanding them or not knowing things about them, when you simply aren’t giving people data to work with.

Author: Patrick Henderson LPC

I'm a licensed counselor working to try and stay sane while creating more resources and awareness for mental health services. I love my job so much, but I need a change of pace. I want to continue creating resources but why not have a bit of fun while I'm at it right? Come check out my blog where you can have access to a ton of rambling from me that should be definitely be educational and hopefully humorous as well. Come check out my "Pro Bono Adventures" and ways to help support mental health!