The Angry Hippie in Tights

Let me be up front about a few things so we are clear about where I stand, as well as my intentions. I operate in what I believe is the best interest of people, people as whole. I do not believe Donald Trump or his administration has that in mind, or much of anything for that matter. His election is very much a symptom of our country’s issues and how disconnected from the experiences of others we have become. We all share some accountability in this, all of us, yes minorities, I’m point at us. I believe that root of all evil is the human Ego and when it goes unchecked, shit goes cray.

I don’t believe white people or men are inherently evil, which is good because I have definitely spent way too much time swimming in that dating pool. However, I do believe that the trouble we’re in today is a direct consequences of the white male ego going unchecked for so long and turning so many of them into self serving gremlins who have the frustration tolerance of a 3-year-old.

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This gremlin state is very much the product of unchecked ego and how our society has allowed it to happen. If any other group (i.e women, black people, transgender people, deaf people etc) where the majority and maintained that power this long, the result would be the same. This is a human issue, not specific to any race are group.


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I hope I’m able to attract white males as readers, I really do. But I also want you to be prepared for how some of this may feel when you read it. It may seem like I’m simply equating you to being the first and only evil to walk the planet. I can assure you, this is not true. I’m the angriest hippy you will ever meet, but I still want peace and love for everyone.

I’ll use my brains, Sci-Fi references, and charm to sweeten this truth tea, but it will still most likely be bitter and hard to swallow like medicine tends to be.

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I’ll be honest in admitting how hard it is to stay in a kind an empathetic place when I deal with people who I perceive have more privilege than I do. Trust me, I’m actively working on staying out of my own Ego in these situations, because I really do believe that all pain is valid and deserves validation from other humans. It’s all very grey, complicated, and is going to require so much more dialogue. As a minority, I can tell you first-hand how “over it” I am shouldering this burden. I resent the idea that I’m responsible for accommodating the “feelings” of my oppressors and exuding non-stop kindness to the ones ruining my life. It’s incredibly draining to explain why cultural appropriation “is a thing” to a white person only to have them try to correct me about my own damn experience and culture.

It’s not fair, it’s actually insane. The idea that I, the victim, need to alter or better my behavior to increase the odds my oppressor might lift their foot off my neck is 16 shades of stupid. I think empathy and my immersion in the experiences of others help prevent me from completely morphing into a snarling distortion of a Blank Panther, with rainbow stripes, that wants to pounce on all Caucasian Christians!

I have prepared a small illustration to assist you in conceptualizing this.

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That isn’t a threat, please don’t go into that very specific type of over reaction that only privileged people can produce. I simply wanted to communicate some degree of the distress, as well as the thought process behind it. I have nothing but good intentions, a desire to help heal the trauma in our county, and the delusions of grandeur to keep me going. These posts are my opinions based on my clinical experience and personal experience. I put a great deal of thought into each one of them. However, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think I’m always right. If I am way off the mark, I need well-intentioned feedback to sort it out. At the very least, a great dialogue can be started and we can figure this crap out together, like the universe intended. I hope this first post at least creates interest and maybe even hope for people on all sides of this mess and the several others we are in right now. Mental Health and Bigotry walk hand in hand together, we all need to see that relationship more clearly. I promise there is shade to go around because there are so many topics we need to talk about as a people. I truly believe with a little less Ego driven bullshit, we could save the world together.

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Want you come join me and my merry band of Empathy Warriors. At the very least, you’ll get to see me in tights and that my lovely readers, is a got damn privilege.

Author: Patrick Henderson LPC

I'm a licensed counselor working to try and stay sane while creating more resources and awareness for mental health services. I love my job so much, but I need a change of pace. I want to continue creating resources but why not have a bit of fun while I'm at it right? Come check out my blog where you can have access to a ton of rambling from me that should be definitely be educational and hopefully humorous as well. Come check out my "Pro Bono Adventures" and ways to help support mental health!