My Story

About me sections are so hard for me to write because I have entirely too much to say! So I am going to keep it simple. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Decatur, GA at my Private Practice, Match Point Counseling LLC. I graduated from Georgia State University, best university on the planet, with a B.A in Psychology and later a M.S in Rehabilitation Counseling. I started off treating addictions and adult offenders but ended up falling in love with Attachment Therapy and supporting parents.


In the past year I’ve found myself doing more work as a consultant and advocate after seeing how often people aren’t receiving the services they should be receiving. I spend more time helping families find residential treatment for their kids, show up as an advocate at an IEP meeting, or going toe to toe with the insurance companies to make sure a kid gets their needs met; unfortunately, insurances most of the time doesn’t pay me for this. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to make the impact I want just by being a great therapist, I have to continue working as a community advocate. Unfortunately, good intentions and passion wont fund my “Pro Bono Adventures”, so I came up with the idea of building this site!

My Pro Bono Adventures

Psychobabble and Shade is my creative outlet for all of my opinions, both clinical and professional. Aside from promoting my Learning Courses at Thinkific and my Pro Bono Adventures at my Patreon site, I genuinely love talking and educating people about Mental Health.

I want people to think and talk about mental health differently. Most people only attribute mental health with the inaccurate examples we see via media


but don’t really understand how we all struggle with it in some form on a daily basis. It’s not well understood how this stuff shows up in the workplace, dating, legal issues etc. Being an attachment therapist, parenting and child development are big passions of mine, but I plan to run my mouth about Adult related attachment issues and Mental Health in general. We need to start talking about it and understanding it!

But in all creative endeavors, one most move forward with authenticity. Being a Therapist is a huge part of my identity, but there are things I’ll post without my “therapist hat” on. The Psychobabble section is where you can find all of the clinical information from parenting Emotional Terrorist to dating someone with Disorganized Attachment issues. The Shade section has more social commentary that ranges from the problematic representation of minorities in Comics, Black Lives Matters, and on to the Living Wage Debate. Be warned, I always try to be productive but these are hot button topics that bristle feathers. Regardless, all of these topics impact mental health, so of course this know it all is going to talk about it.

How You Can Help

All Proceeds from this website, podcast, Youtube Channel, Patreon Page, and of course the Learning courses go directly to my “Pro Bono Adventures.”

Yes gurl, 100% all of it, goes towards paying for someone’s session, my attendance at an IEP meeting, co-pays for psychiatric visits, you name it.

  • Every $30 Dollars is a session, a meeting, assessment, or consultation for someone who can’t afford it.
  • You’re not helping support my chipotle addiction, your supports goes directly towards providing services to someone.
  • No schemes or tricks, you’ll have updates on progress and accomplishments.

Browse around! Listen to the Podcast, watch some videos, learn while laughing at GIFs. Match Point Community is how I plan to fund all of my “Pro Bono Adventures” that I can’t fund on my own. Of course, feel free to hustle on over to the Patreon Site and become Patron to the cause, but I think promoting and sharing the courses will make a world of difference. I put so much work into making them and will continue to produce them. The courses are very affordable and could make a world of difference for someone who can’t afford traditional therapy at the current moment. At the end of the day, providing a resources and support is the end game!

Subscribe to the website and get all the updates as I make post! You can visit my business website  if you’re interested in seeing me or recommending me to someone for treatment.

Whats The Plan

Lets say this goes really well and we are able to fund more sessions that I can manage! Awesome, so lets do bigger and better things. I’ll look into creating a bigger program that includes other providers!DSC_7064

But my REAL dream is to create at Georgia based treatment facility for Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD.) We don’t have a single facility in Georgia or nearby state that specializes in RAD. So when we are lucky enough to get funding, we have to send those kids across the country. It’s the best we can do right now, so why not try and do better. Having more RAD education, resources, and support available will do wonders for Foster Care, Adoption, an Child Protective Services.

Contact me directly at for any questions or concerns related to this blog or the Thinkific Courses. Please direct all service or interest in enrolling in services to or visit the website.